~ An Untapped Pallette ~

If you can think of something to do on a
hard shelled gourd,
it can be done.
The list of techniques is endless.

You can paint, wood burn, carve, decorate and
cut gourds.
You can make food containers, musical instruments,
decorative pieces, art pieces, pictures, purses,
candle holders,
furniture, lamps, water containers and
so on of hard shelled gourds.

In each of my classes that are listed on
Gourd Class page
you will create a unique gourd as well as skills that
can be used
with future gourd projects.
I will teach you how to let the gourd talk to you through
it markings and shape, sometimes the gourd will
tell you what it wants to be.
This adds to the fun of doing gourds.

by Wanda Ryckman

This page was last updated: November 2, 2012

~ Gourds, An Untapped Pallette ~

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