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~ Articles, Tutorials and
Information relating to Gourd Art ~

By Wanda Ryckman
and other Gourd Artists
Articles, Tutorials etc.
(If you have any artical's that you would like to share with others send them to me and I will take a look at them.  If I decide to use the artical and it is something you have written or developed and you want to share with others I will give you the credits). 
Send them to: or

Artical's and Write Ups

*Cleaning Gourds

*Caring for Your Gourds

*Choosing A Gourd

*Gourd Identification Chart (to come)

*Gourd Art, Gourd Cleaning and Gourd Cutting by Wanda Ryckman

*History of Gourds 

*History of Pyrography 

*Legend of a Sprit Dolls

*Obsidian Needles

*What is a Gourd

* "From Today to Ancient Ones"

*Tea Stain Recipe for Staining Gourds and Baskets

*     Coffee Stain Recipe for Staining Gourds and Baskets

Other Gourd Artists:

*Drawing Techniques by Phyllis Sickles

*Dream Catcher by Phyllis Sickles 

*Metal Leafing on Gourds 

*ModePodeging the Inside off a Gourd

*Preserving died Pine Needles, Date Palm, Sea Grass, Danish Cord
  on Gourds by Wanda Ryckman and Sue Brogdon (to come)

*Water Proofing a gourd by Wanda Ryckman (to come)

*Wood Burning Tips and Hints by Colwood and others

*E-Xacto Knife Safety

If you have an artical or Tutorial that you would like to share with
others I would like to see it and decide if I can put it on my Web Site. Please send it to me. or
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