If you order $45.00 in Inks, I will give you a 10% discount.   This way you will get the colors that you want.

~Gourd Supplies for Sale~

JW Products

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J. W. Products:

NOTE: I carry several of the Craftsman's Blend colors; Right Step Varnish; Woodfiller all the time.   Painters Wax (not availabe at this time). Craftsman's Blend Wood Stain:  The other items I have
to special order.

Special Orders off these Items:  Special Orders only!
* Polyurethane Varnish:         
              Wipe-On Varnish:     
              Decoupage Plus:
* Textured Gel Glaze:
              Under Cover:                           

J.W. Craftsman's Blend Wood Stain:
Cost to you: $6.50 ea
Honey                       Midnight Blue          Patina
Provencal                Emerald Blue          Eggplant
Sedona Red             Rainforest                Butterscotch
Caribbean Blue        Driftwood
Limeade                     Teak
Fruitwood                 Chanti
Walnut                      Washed Blue
Vintage Wine           Greenstone

Other Products
* Painters Finishing Wax:  Not availabe at this time.
* Right Step Varnish: 8 oz $9.75
* Wood Filler: 8 oz  $7.75

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