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PALLETTE Hybrid Dye Inks / re-inkers or in little jars:
Works well on Gourds
Cost to You: $3.85

NOTE: NEW formula Hybrid Metallic that works on all surfaces. May require a heat
set on some surfaces.
Reds: Bordeaux; Moulin Rouge; L'Amour Red; Boudoir Blush; Claret; Bell Rose;
Toile Pink, Greens: Jardin Moss; Virisian Leaf; Landscape; Giverny Green;
Chartreuse; Water Lily Green, Neutrals: Noir; Burnt Umber; Murnt Sienna; Cognac;
Haystack; Nude; Charcoal, Blues: Prussian Blue; Beaux Arts Blue; Cote d'Azure;
Reflection Blue; Seascape; Ballett Blue; French Lilac; Starry Night;
Violet; Iris; Lavender Sachet

NOTE: It dries too quickly for embossing - so a clear watermark/embossing ink pad
is part of the line. This ink pad is the perfect answer for scrapbooking retailers
and others who are tired of the confusion of different inks for different
surfaces now one ink works for all surfaces. Now you can merchandise more
colors and have 36 great colors and four rainbows to choose from.

NOTE: Acid Free, archival and non-fading; Works on all surfaces; Raised pad
surface for inking any size stamp; Crisp, detailed, non-bleeding impressions;
Brighter colors; Fast drying and waterproof; Dynamic new box design with lid
snapping into- base for easier grip of inkpad

Pallette Hybrid Metallic Inks / Reinkers: Works well on Gourds
Cost to you: $4.25
NOTE: these can be used on gourds Special Orders at this time * (Scrap Bookers I
can get the Ink pads with color in them on Special Order, price will change)
Blazing Blue, Buff Bronze, Cobalt Gleam, Copper Penny; Crimson Polish, Emerald
Gloss, Luminous Periwinkle, Lustrous Lilac, Plum Pearl, Pure Gold, Radiant Rose,
Satin Sage, Silky Obsidian, Sterling Silver, Vermillion Glow, Violet Varnish

NOTE: Pallette Metallic's are the metallic ink everyone has been waiting for!  This
is it! Fast drying, permanent Metallic, Iridescent ink for detailed shimmering
images. Creates stunning results on light on dark surfaces. These new water-
based metallic can be re-activated initially with water before needing re-

NOTE: Acid Free, archival and non-fading; Works on virtually all surfaces - some
surfaces may require heat setting; Lid snaps into base creating handle for
easy inking; Colors can be layered for dual tone and faux finishes; Waterproof
and Endorsable; A light spritz with water will refresh inkpad; 16 Dynamic
colors! Re-inkers available

Stewart Superior Embossing powders: Works well on Gourds
NOTE: These are available in a multitude of colors and granulations. You can choose
fine Detail (Filigree). Dimensional (Cloisonne) or Regular granulation (Veneer).
Stewart Superior Embossing powder is a fast melting powder that delivers rich
colors and  solid surface bonding. Available in 1/2 oz. solid top plastic containers or
1 oz. plastic containers or shaker.
Shellac Gold; Puff White; White; Clear; Candy Red; Candy Blue;
Dimensional Clear; Dimensional Black; Dimensional Gold; Dimensional Silver
Metallic Gold; Metallic Gilded Gold; Metallic Silver; Metallic Copper
Sparkle Black; Sparkle Turquoise; Sparkle Rainbow; Sparkle Gold Crystal; Sparkle
  White Silver; Fine Detail Gold; Fine Detail Copper; Fine Detail Silver;
  Fine Detail White; Fine Detail Black; Fine Detail  Platinum Earth Tone
  Terra Cotta; Earth Tone Verdigris; Earth Tone Topiary; Earth Tone
  Claret; Earth Tone Cement; Super Sparkles Iridescent; Super Sparkles
  Silver; Supper Sparkles Gold; Super Sparkles Copper; Super Sparkles
  Red; Super Sparkles Green; Supper Sparkles Christmas; Super
  Sparkles Easter; Super Sparkles Valentine; Super Sparkles, Northern

Memories Metallic Pigment: Works well on Gourds
Cost to you: $4.50
NOTE: Creates shimmering, iridescent metallic effects for rubber stamping and
crafting on multiple surfaces. Heat-set on glossy and non-porous surfaces. 
Acid free and \ fade resistant.  Dries faster with a heat-set.  
Red; Pink; Copper; Gold; Blue; Teal; Green; Purple; Bronze; Black; Silver; White

NOTE: Memories Metallic Pigment Inks create shimmering, iridescent metallic
effects for rubber stamping and crafting on multiple surfaces. Heat
setting \ recommended. Pigment on most papers and porous surfaces.
Acid Free, archival and fade resistant for use on picture frames and
scrapbooks. Dries on most porous surfaces and standard bond paper.

Memories Metallic Markers: Works well on Gourds
Pack #1: Glitzy Gold, Pink Ripples and Emerald City Green: Cost $6.50 set
Pack #2: Shimmering Silver, Starry Blue and Purple Quartz: Cost $6.50 set

NOTE: Nontoxic, odorless, archival, acid free and fade resistant, these markers
are excellent for scrapbooks, dark papers, posters and card stock. The
metallic ink \ flows smoothly at any angle for all types of crafting and home
decor. These brilliant true metallic colors are permanent on paper and porous
surfaces and semi-permanent on plastic, glass and metal. Memories Metallic
Markers provide a finer tip than many other metallic markers available.
Gold Metallic Mist; Silver Metallic Mists and Copper Metallic

Memories Mists:
Cost to you:
NOTE: Bright and Vivid hues are what you’will get on both light and dark surfaces
including cardstock, chipboard, paper fabrics. Spray these dynamic colors to
make bright images or patterns from your favorite stencils or die cuts. A quick
spray across blank paper instantly creates a gorgeous background for a
scrapbook page. 
Vivid Red; Vivid Pink; Vivid Orange; Vivid Yellow; Vivid Green; Vivid Blue; Vivid
Turquoise; Vivid Purple

Memories Iridescent Mist Overlay:
Cost to you:
NOTE: This new Mists Iridescent Overlay provides you with a fine reflective and
shimmering accent when sprayed onto paper, cardstock, fabrics and more. 
It’S a great highlighter to add that extra nuance to your scrapbook page,
greeting card or just about any arts and crafts project.

NOTE: Classic Metallic's are the newest additions to the Mists product line. These
new Metallic's show their metallic sheen on both light and dark surfaces. Mix
and match for a variety of metallic sheens. 
Classic Red; Classic Orange; Classic Green; Classic Blue; Classic Purple

Stewart Superior Glitters:
Cost to You:
Bronze Glitter; Bright Red; Burgundy; Kelly Green; Navy; Royal Blue; Sea Spray;
Sea Spray; Silver; Penny Copper; Regal Red; Lavender; Emerald Green; Laser
Blue; Multi; Dark Gold; Orange; Rose Copper; Purple; Turquoise; Black; Apricot;
Maroon; Lavender Hologram; Cayman Green Hologram; Silver Hologram; Gold
Hologram; Pink Iridescent; Blue Iridescent; Prisma Iridescent Turquoise
Pallette Glitters:
Cost to you 4 colors per set:                                                              
NOTE: Stamp & Stick Glitter works great on glossy cardstock

Colors: in sets of five in shades of: jars of 3 gm each
Reds, Gold's, Greens, Neutrals, Blues

Adhering Embossing Powers:
NOTE: Glue pad is already wet with glue and the refill is to replace your depleted glue in time. Use the refill with a paint brush for intricate areas, you must heat sent until the glue is no longer shiny, it will be sticky and accepts your metal leaf, powders, glitters and               embossing powders.  When applied to your Gourd, it will not scratch off, but REMBER TO HEAT SET THIS GLUE, IT IS NOT  INTENDED TO GLUE ITEMS TOGETHER, BUT TO GRAB THE ABOVE MENTIONED MEDIUMS. This glue is acceptable on all surfaces.
Memories Mists:
Cost to you:
Strawberry Daiquiri Mist; Margarita Mist; Lavender Tea Mist; Merlot Mist;
Wheatgrass Mist; Pale Ale Mist; Orange Juice Mist; Blueberry Shake Mist; Amaretto
Mist; Mango Lemonade Mist; Blue Hawaiian Mist; Diet Cola Mist; Fruit Punch Mist;
Pink Lemonade Mist; Cherry Smoothie Mist; Blue Lagoon Mist; Blue Martini  Mist;
Plum Sake Mist; Eau De Pansy Mist; Stormy Water Mist; Green Tea Mist; Liquid
Pine; Iced Coffee; Whipped Cream Mist

Memories New Metallic Mists:
Cost to you:
NOTE: The fine texture results of Memories Mists are now available to three
beautiful metallic shades. Bright Gold; Copper Shimmer; Sparkling Silver.  Use
alone or layer over other Mists Colors to make a rich texture with eye-catching
highlights. Easy create gorgeous results on paper, card stock, chip board and
Gold Metallic Mist; Silver Metallic Mists and Copper Metallic Mists

Memories Dye Re-Inkers: Works well on Gourds
Cost to you: $3.85 ea.
NOTE: Memories Dye Inks are perfect for Gourd Art and so much more. Apply
  to your gourd with a small peice of felt, or 1" cub applicator, q-tip, or
   micro brush.  Heat set and varnish or clear coat with Clear Acrylic
   Spray paint. These Inks are permanent, acid free, fade resistant and
   are archival safe.
Art Print Brown, Barn Red, Black, Chartreuse, Cherry Red, Chestnut,
Colonial Blue, Crimson Red, Hunter Green, Lavender, Lilac, Mango,
Midnight Blue, Mint, Ocher, Orange, Pine Tree Green, Pink, Plum, Port Red,
Sand, Sepia, Soft Celery, Soft Gold,, Soft Gray, Soft Green, Soft Teal, Soft
Lilac,  Soft Rose, Soft Sage, Soft Silver, Soft Stone, Soft Teal, Soft Vanilla,
Soft Wheat, Straw, Teal, Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow, Ruby, Blush,
Honey, Grass, Apple, Aqua, Teal, Sky, Dahlia, Brown, Cement
Ancient Page Dye Inks / Re-inkers: have been discontinued

Available for Scrap-Bookers and Card Makers:
Color Box Chalk reinkers: Not as Good on Gourds
Cost to You: $3.85:

   Special Orders at this time! These can be used on gourds•• (Scrapbookers I can get the
       Ink pads with color in them on Special Order, price will change)
Citrus, Blush Rose, Maroon, Lavender, Ok. Peony, Orchid Pastel, Blue Iris, Dk. Brown,
      Creamy Brown. Lipstick Red, Yellow, Ocher, Ok. Moss, Warm Green, Chestnut Roan,
      Charcoal, Wisteria, Rose Coral, Russian Blue, Blue Lagoon, Peach Pastel, Amber Clay,
      Tangerine, Olive Pastel, Azurite, Pink Pastel, Rouge, Ice Jade, Warm Red, Burnt Sienna,
      Bisque, Aqua, Warm Violet, Yellow, Cadmium, Alabaster, Ice Blue, French Blue, Lime
      Pastel, Deep Green.
NOTE: (Chalk Inks are Opaque)
Special Orders of  any of the Inks in the amount of 20 Dye In $45.00, I will give you a
10% discount. on  Both Memories and Ancient  Page Special Order the colors of I
nks that you want.  I may have the colors you want in my inventory on hand.

Available for Scrap-Bookers and Card Makers:
Glue Refill: Cost to you: $4.50
Glue re-inkers: Cost to you: $4.50 ea (this glue is incredible for leafing)
Glue Stamp Pad: Cost to you: $7.00 ea

Memories Chalk Re-inkers
Cost to you: $3.85
NOTE: ideal when pastel & chalk effects are desired.

NOTE: Can be used on gourds, they are opaque so they work different. Great for
Scrapbook's! * (Scrap Bookers I can get the Ink pads with color in them on
Special Order, with a $45.00 order I will give you a 10% discount. price will
Angelic Pink, Cloudy Coral, Creamy Coffee, Delicate Rose, Dusty Lime, Faded
Lavender, Foggy Ultramarine, Frosted Mint, Gauzy Beige, Gentle Sepia,
Gossamer Blue, Hazy Magenta, Milky White, Misty Teal, Misty Violet, Pale
Olive, Pastel Peach, Quiet Yellow, Shadow Gray, Snowy Evergreen, Soothing
Green, Sooty Blue, Subtle Sand, Washed Tan

NOTE:  (These inks are not translucent like the Dye Inks are, they are Opaque.)

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