~ Gift Certificates ~

Certificates for my classes, supplies and products I sell.

Great Gift idea for a loved one, friend, neighbor, person that has everything, children over 10 years of age. It can be used for any of the products I sell also.

“Gift Certificate”

Purchase a piece off Gourd Art up to the Gift Certificate Price.
You can also use your gift certificate for a class I teach or supplies that I sell.

Recipients Name:________________________________________________

Gift From:


*Gift Certificate must be used during these dates:


This is only a sample off my Gourd Art pieces that you may choose
from go to the web site.

Vine Leaf Flower      Big Flower               Happy                Sm. Bowl         


Contemporary     Tortilla Warmer
Choose a peice of Gourd Art, Classes or supplies listed on
my web site:
I also do Custom Gourd Art.

Contact Wanda Ryckman at:
UMC142@juno.com  or   wanda@wandasgourdart.com

Click on the e-mail address in the Sample Gift Certificate
and send me a message, telling me you want to purchase a Gift Certificate, I will send you my mailing address and you will send me a check and when it clears my bank I will send you the
Gift Certificate.
email me

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