~ Caring for Your Gourd ~

Caring for Gourd Art by Wanda Ryckman

Caring for your Gourd Art Peice

  My gourd art pieces have been sealed with acrylic sealer to protect and   
  enhance their beauty and longevity.  To further protect these art pieces, you
  must protect then as well.

  Below is a list of do's and don''don'ts to assure that your gourd pieces last a

1.  Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

        2.  Some of my vases have been water proofed and you can put cut
              flowers in them,  (I will tell you when a piece has been water
              proofed).  When displaying cut flowers or plants in a container
              that has not been water proofed, use a glass container of plastic
              saucer to protect your gourd container from moisture.

  3.  Your gourd pieces may be cleaned with a soft cloth and furniture
              polish or they may be wiped with a mild soap and water cloth,
              rinsed, and then dried toughly.  If you purchase a peice that is
              waxed just use a damp cloth to clean the surface of gourd.

         4.  If you purchased a salad bowl/container, clean the inside with
              mild soap and water, make sure that you dry the inside real good
              and making sure that the out side is also dry.
NOTE: If you use your bowl as a salad bowl, put the salad
                                 dressing on at the last minute and clean your bowl
                                 with soap and water within a reasonable time after
                                 the meal, making sure that you dry the bowl real well.

         5. DO NOT submerge your gourd into water. This will damage the
             gourds finish.  Always hand wash your gourd bowl.  Make sure
             that you dry totally.

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