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Old Pueblo Gourd Patch
Old Pueblo Gourd Patch Newsletter
Wuertz Gourd Farm and Gourd Festival    

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Gourd Classes in Tucson/Phoenix area or

Click on the Web Address and it will take you to that
Gourd Society 
You will be able to fnd out if they have a Gourd Festival and all the information on each gourd group and what each Gourd Group is doing during the year.

Arizona Gourd Society Links:

             American Gourd Society

Other Gourd Patch Web Sites:
Washington State Gourd Society
New Mexico Gourd Society (not working yet)
Texas Gourd Society
California Gourd Society (not working yet)
North Caralina Gourd Society
Ohio Gourd Society
                                    Pennsylvania Gourd Society                          
Virginia Lovers' Gourd Society
South Carolina Gourd Society
Indiana Gourd Society (not working yet
Kentucky Gourd Society
Florida Gourd Society
Hawaii Gourd Society
Illinois Gourd Society (not working yet)
Georgia Gourd Society
Mississippi Gourd Society (not working yet)
Idaho Gourd Society
Iowa Gourd Society
Alabama Gourd Society
Tennesee Volunteer Gourd Society (not working yet)
MO  Show-Me Gourd Society (not working yet)
Wisconsin Gourd Society (not working yet)
Michigan Gourd Society

Arizona Gourd Society

Arizona Gourd Patches

Gourd Classes: www.

Old Pueblo Gourd Patch (Tucson) (not working yer)
For Information:

Other Arizona Gourd Patches
Green Valley Gourd Patch (Green Valley, South of Tucson)
South West Gourd Patch   (Phoenix)
Tolleson Gourd Patch (Southwest of Phoenix)
NW Valley Gourd Patch ( Phoenix NW Valley)
New River Patch
( New River and Anthem area, North of Phoenix) (not working yet)
Sprit of the Desert Patch (Sun Lakes Area)
Yapapai Gourd Patch (Prescott)  (not working yet)

Other Gourd Patches Below

This page is under constructions, please bare with me.

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